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About Merchant Band
Merchant Band was formed from a worship team at the International House of Prayer, a 24/7 prayer and worship ministry in Kansas City (IHOP-KC, Marcus Meier and a few friends began playing three times a week to help fill some of the two-hour slots in the 24/7 schedule. Over the past four years that worship team has seen a lot of change and growth, and is now leading six two-hour sessions a week at IHOP-KC, as well as leading worship at all IHOP conferences. Merchant Band (or more affectionately known in Kansas City as "Marcus and Tim's worship team") also travels with IHOP's onething™ young adult ministry, playing at conferences and events around the nation. Merchant Band's primary mandate and main focus is the House of Prayer. These guys don't just lead worship and travel, each member of the band is also actively involved with the prayer movement as a full-time staff member at IHOP-KC. In preparation for Christ's return, they are committed to living simple lifest ... Read More

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