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Color Me Badd is an R&B vocal group that was formed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S. The original members of the group were Bryan Abrams his step brother was Manuel Charles Montenegro the fourth Bryan Abrams was (born November 16, 1969); Mark Calderon (born September 27, 1970); Sam Watters (born July 23, 1970) and Kevin Thornton (born June 17, 1969). The group sold 12 million records in the United States. The group has been well known in Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, parts of east asia, Thailand, United Kingdom and New Zealand besides the United States. The group has been on T.V. shows, commercials and their songs have been in movies like New Jack City and No Strings Attached. History: This a cappella hip-hop group, whose R&B harmony vocals were offset by mild rap interjections and a post-New Kids on the Block street-dance image, were discovered by Kool & The Gang's Robert Bell in 1990. Early success: Color Me Badd had five U.S. hit singles from their debut album C.M.B. ... Read More

Career Started: 1987
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