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About Bastille
There are at least six artists named Bastille. 1. Bastille is a London based pop band fronted by producer Dan Smith. They released their debut album "Bad Blood" on the 4th March. Their Official Website is 2. Bastille is a talented electronic producer from Cambridge, England, and the younger brother of Nu:Tone and Logistics. Official site:, Soundcloud: 3. Bastille is a House/Electro music Duo from Los Angeles California consisting of Michael Ullman and Julien Benichou, who both currently attend Wesleyan University and Oberlin College respectively. You can download free tracks at or visit,, and 4. Bastille is a heavy metal band from Britain. 5. Bastille were an alt-rock quartet from Cork, Ireland in the late '90s to early-2000s. They released one demo, ... Read More

Career Started: 2010
Official Website:
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