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About Emmalyn Estrada
Born April 5th, 1992 in British Columbia, Emmalyn Estrada began singing/performing by the age of 6 years old. She got her start by taking vocal training from various teachers, helping her further comprehend the art of singing. She performed for as many talent competitions, family events, school plays, local concerts, and talent shows as she could. She went on competing in a local "American Idol-like" talent competition, winning first place in "Filipino Canadian Idol" in 2003 only 11 years old, where she performed the song "And I am telling you" impressing the judges and audience with her vocal range and ability. Since then, Emmalyn performed for many local events and concerts in Vancouver, performing in large venues such as Plaza of Nations, Michael J Fox Theatre, and Queen Elizabeth Theatre. In 2005, at the age of 12, Emmalyn won "New Music West," a singing competition held by the popular Vancouver radio station the beat 94.5. As the prize, she got to record 1 song with some of V ... Read More

Career Started: 2009
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