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"General" Larry Platt is a United States civil rights activist who recently became famous from his performance of Pants on the Ground on American Idol (season 9). During the Atlanta auditions for the ninth season of American Idol, 63-year-old activist "General" Larry Platt appeared and performed his own original song, Pants on the Ground. Platt was ineligible to continue, due to being well over the show's age limit of 28-years-old. His performance has since become a viral hit, and several celebrities performed the song in the days that followed the original airing of his audition. This included late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon, who performed the song while also impersonating Neil Young on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. NFL quarterback Brett Favre was also caught leading the Minnesota Vikings in a performance of the song in their locker room following their game against the Dallas Cowboys in the 2010 NFL playoffs. Today Show hosts Meredith Viera, Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Ann C ... Read More

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