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About M-Flo
m-flo is one of the biggest names in Japanese urban music, and became such by bringing together foreign influences and Japanese sensibilities. The group's nucleus of composer/trackmaker/producer ☆Taku Takahashi and rapper Verbal first became friends while the two were attending St. Mary's International School, a Tokyo based international high school. Later Taku moved to California, where he worked as a DJ and began composing. At this juncture the ethnically Korean Verbal went to school in Boston, where he also got deeper into rap music. Verbal also got into Christianity, so much that he majored in theology, but his friend Taku convinced him to return to Tokyo to pursue music. In 1997 they hooked up again in Tokyo, and brought into their musical circle the Japanese-Colombian female singer Lisa, who attended Seisen International School, St. Mary's sister school. Lisa had already begun working in music, including serving as vocalist for the group ram jam world. The group released ... Read More

Career Started: 1997
Official Website: http://www.m-flo.com
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