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The Dark Knight

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About The Dark Knight
Mark Knight, also known as "TDK" (or The Dark Knight) is a well-known Amiga chiptune/demoscene musician, and video game composer/sound designer. Born 8 January 1973, in Brighton, England, the oldest of two children, he received most of his musical education during his school years from Edward Hanka (Grandfather), Heather Cowl, and Andrew Sherwood. It was on his 11th birthday that Mark was given a Commodore 64 computer and he quickly took a liking to the music which was being produced by the machine. Although he wrote music using the Electrosound software it wasn't until Mark bought a 2nd hand Commodore Amiga A500 in 1989, and was introduced to the Soundtracker music software that he started to compose music more seriously. Eventually he found that he enjoyed writing 'chiptunes' on the Amiga using a technique pioneered by 4-Mat. As a member of Melon Dezign and Anthrox, his chip music sounds often appeared in Crystal and Anthrox cracktro's. As a game musician, he converted several ex ... Read More

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