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In 1999, together with Grant Stevens (songwriter of "Everlasting Friends" from the Holsten Pilsener TV spot) and José Alvarez-Brill (Wolfsheim, Joachim Witt, De/Vision) the foundation for Unheilig was laid by Der Graf. Unheilig (Unholy) is a German band which fuses heavy guitars, dancable beats and a dose of infectious synth-driven melodicism with the brooding croon of Der Graf (The Count) presiding over it all. It ends up being a very tasty combination, unlike alot of bands which play a similar combination of elements. The dance / electronica aspect of the music is not done in such excess as to scare off the casual listener, and serves rather to infuse the songs with a nice depth of atmosphere, as well as some very solid groove. They are stylistically connected to the Dark Culture. Discography Albums 2001: Phosphor (Phosphorous) 2002: Frohes Fest (Merry Festival) 2003: Das 2. Gebot (The 2nd Order) 2004: Zelluloid (Celluloid) 2005: Gastspiel (Live-Doppel-CD) (Guestplay) 2006: M ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
Official Website: http://www.unheilig.com
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